How to order

How to order


Choose a handrail

Browse our portfolio and check out our 'how to choose your perfect handrail blog' to help you decide. Alternatively contact a member of our team on 01903 204867 and we can talk you through your options.

How to order


Contact us

Get in touch with us by filling out our form on the contact us page.

How to order


Measure up

Once you've been in contact with us we will send you an email. This will detail what information we need to start the process. We will also ask you to use our measurement guide as shown below.

How to order

Measuring up for your handrails is a very simple process, be it a front doorstep rail or a fancy balustrade. The first thing to decide is how it will be fixed into position.

If you are after a handrail for a front doorstep, and you have a suitable wall next to the door frame for mounting the top bracket on, then this is the best place to fix it. We call this wall-mounted – see the blue handrail in the diagram on the left.

Next you will need to measure your steps; simply measure the rise and tread of each step (not including overhang). All we need to make your handrail or balustrade are those measurements, the fixing types and your choice of style/design. Please refer to the pictures in our portfolio for reference numbers.

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