A-Z Dictionary of Our Terminology


A-Z Dictionary of Our Terminology

We recognise that our range of handrails come with some specialist language that not everyone will understand, so we’ve written an A-Z dictionary of any terms we think you may need explaining!


Our balustrades come in a range of stylish designs, made from mild steel in wrought iron style. They are usually the more decorative of our handrails. Take a look at some examples HERE.


We can make to order for any style of our handrails or let us help you create a made to measure design of your own.


A wall fixings.


This means we can curve the steel to follow the curve of a path or set of steps.


If you desire something more decorative we can add swirls, curls or scrolls.

Foot Plated

We can use foot plates if there is a secure ground fixing.

Free Standing

Rather than have your handrail wall mounted we can design it to be free standing to have anywhere you need it most.

Galvanised Coat

This is when we hot dip your handrail in zinc to prevent it from rusting.


As well as handrails we can make gates.

Gloss Coat

A gloss colour finish that can be painted on any style handrail.


This means we can create elaborate or highly decorative styles of handrail.

Powder Coat

We use powder coating to colour your handrail in a hard waring and weather resistant finish.


A plastic powder coating that is hard waring, tough and long lasting available in a variety of colours or can be colour code matched to your desire.


Our rails or railings can be as simple or decorative as you like, whether you just need stability or want something a little more fancy.


This is our more basic style of handrail, a simple but highly effective tubular design that provides stability to the slightly wobbly! See examples HERE.

Wall Mounted

We can adapt any of our handrails to be fixed to the wall.

Wrought Iron

It’s important to note that this product is not made in wrought iron but is simply in the style and is actually manufactured from mild steel. An elegant and simple design of handrail made to your specifications, for more examples see HERE.

Zinc Primed

This is a zinc based primer that we use when we spray to prevent rusting.

We hope this helps you get a better understanding of what we can provide, if you have any more queries don’t hesitate to contact us on 01903 204867 or at info@thehandrailpeople.co.uk.


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