Prevention Is Better Than A Fall


Prevention Is Better Than A Fall

Don’t wait till it’s too late

Why wait until you’ve already had a fall to have a handrail fitted? Prevention is better than a fall, The Handrail People seek to ensure that our specialist safety handrails provide our customers with peace of mind in their own homes. Fixing a handrail where you need it most can help prevent any potential falls and aid in maintaining your independence in your home for as long as possible.

We can’t be the only ones that can’t believe it’s October already, this year has flown past and as much as we hate to say it- Christmas is just around the corner! It’s starting to get a lot cooler and with the colder weather come those treacherous icy surfaces that can make leaving the house a wary task. Whether it’s getting out into the garden, out the front door or down the garden steps there are plenty of potential slip hazards and places for falls to occur, by installing a handrail you have instant peace of mind when moving around your home.

We often hear our clients talk about how they perceive safety handrails as being ‘ugly’, we pride ourselves on our range of beautiful designs from Balustrades to sleek Wrought Iron and Tubular styles.

We are always updating our product pages with our latest designs, see our product range here.

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