A Look Back at 2018- Happy New Year & January Offer!


A Look Back at 2018- Happy New Year & January Offer!

Happy New Year! We’re taking a look back at 2018 in this blog post to celebrate our success and commemorate our achievements.

We can’t be the only ones to be having that very British struggle of not being able to believe that it’s nearly 2019 already!? It’s been a bumpy ride for us at The Handrail People and looking back to the passing of our founder Alan Andrews in 2015, we’ve come a long way. 2018 especially being a pinnacle year for us, so what better time to reflect on our achievements than at the start of a New Year?

JANUARY was the starting point of our journey, this is when Jack came in to full fruition in his leadership of The Handrail People with the help from his mum Catherine, the family affair had begun!

In FEBRUARY they enlisted the invaluable help of Naomi Wildey who has and continues to go above and beyond in supporting us (in more ways than one) and helping build the crucial structure in which The Handrail People is built upon. We couldn’t of done this without her and we are eternally grateful for her kindness and hard work.

February also welcomed Isla Benzie of IB Design into The Handrail People family, Isla gave our business the desperate re-brand it needed to bring us back up to date. With a new logo, van design and most importantly a brand spanking new website- Isla has transformed our branding. Our website not only looks great but it is now the main source of all our enquiries, a massive contribution to our success. Thank you Isla for all your hard work and patience with us!

MAY saw the start of daughter Ella working behind the scenes on the website and the implementation of a digital marketing strategy. We now have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a blog that Ella creates all the content for! As well as working on creating content for social media, Ella works on keeping the website up to date and managing any advertising.

In MAY/JUNE we got our seriously needed new van, complete with a sleek new design including our new logo all done by Isla. We now have a professional look to match our service!



By JULY we realised we needed an extra pair of hands to join the team- so we recruited Sam! He is now one of our team of amazing fabricators who have all worked exceptionally hard this year in making sure all of our handrails are perfect.

By the time we got to AUGUST we didn’t think we could achieve much more by the end of the year, but then we celebrated 15 years of business! An incredible milestone for us and a time to reflect back and remember our founder Alan more than ever.

OCTOBER marked our busiest month, these were just a few of our installations..See more products here





Finally in DECEMBER we had our Christmas party! We got together our large extended family for the evening to share a meal and of course some well deserved drinks.

To kick off the New Year we’re running a January Offer! Receive 10% OFF all orders made in January with the code NEWYEAR!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support you’ve given us over the year, we’re looking forward to another exciting year with much more to come! Stay tuned with us on social media to keep up to date with the latest offers, products and more.

Finally Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our past, present and future customers!

The Handrail People.




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